Terms and Conditions – School Visits

Booking a school tour to Hoghton Tower indicates agreement with the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) shall cover all bookings using the School Booking Form (the “Form”) and made between:

(1) the Board of Trustees of the Hoghton Tower Preservation Trust, Hoghton Tower (“Hoghton Tower”); and

(2) the school/college as set out on the Form (the “School”).

Hoghton Tower is committed to working with schools and teachers to ensure that each school visit to Hoghton Tower achieves its educational objectives and is conducted in a safe and professional manner.

In consideration of a £5 + VAT per head charge and subject to these Terms and Conditions, Hoghton Tower shall:

Booking & payment

Alteration and Cancellation of Bookings


Limitation of Liability