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Facilities & Access

Facilities & Access

Find out about our onsite facilities and accessibility arrangements for your visit to Hoghton Tower and the gardens.


Parking Arrangements

Our car park can accommodate up to 200 cars. Parking for coaches is also available if booked in advance.

The car park is located approximately ¼ mile from the main house entrance, which can be accessed on foot via the main driveway. Surfaces may be uneven and vary from hardstanding and gravel on the car park to smooth tarmac on the drive. Please note that the walk up the driveway from the car park to the house is on a steep incline.

A limited number of parking bays in the car park and on the grass immediately in front of the house have been set aside for Blue Badge holders. On event days, we will provide separate guidance on Blue Badge parking arrangements, as the usual bays may not be the closest option.


Ticket Office

This is located in the Outer Courtyard to the left of the main gatehouse entrance.



Toilet facilities are provided onsite.

Access to toilets in the house, and adjacent to the tearoom, is either via two flights of external courtyard steps without handrails or a single flight of narrow steeper steps with a handrail. Once inside the building there is one small step and a narrow doorway, leading to the toilets.

There is one disabled toilet facility in the cobbled Outer Courtyard which can be accessed via a small ramp.


Baby Change

A baby change table is available adjacent to the toilets in the house. Access is via the external courtyard steps and once inside the building there is one small step and a narrow doorway.

Please be aware that, no mat is provided and visitors will need to bring their own.


Tea Room

The Tea Room is located off the Inner Courtyard. Access is via two flights of external courtyard steps without handrails or a single flight of narrow steeper steps with a handrail.

A small number of highchairs are available for visitor use.

More details on our Tea Room can be found here.


Steps & Surfaces Access

Due to the historic nature of the site and building, there are many uneven surfaces and changes in level both internally and externally. We regret that there are no lifts or ramps, except for the ramps in place to enable access to the disabled toilet.


Courtyards Access

The Outer Courtyard leads to the Inner Courtyard via two flights of stone steps without handrails. The two courtyards consist of ancient cobbles and stone flags which create an uneven surface throughout.


Gardens Access

Access to the Gardens is via a steep, uneven pathway. Each of the gardens is flat and has a designated path. Garden paths consist of sand, shale or gravel depending on the area.

The Wilderness Lawn then leads into the Rose Garden via a small step. This in turn leads to the Ramparts Garden, which is a sunken lawn accessed by several steep stone steps without a handrail. Within this garden, there is a small turret which can be accessed via stone steps without a handrail.


House Access

Tours cover the main rooms of historical interest within the house. This entails negotiating several staircases, with handrails, to access the first floor and the underground passages. Surfaces range from uneven stone to smooth marble and polished wood floors, with occasional steps where room levels change.


The Great Barn Access

This is located at the side of the house and is best accessed from the car park following a route of gravel, shale and hardstanding which may be uneven in places. The floor within the barn itself is a mixture of cobbles and flags. Entrance doors to the barn are more than wide enough for wheelchair access.


Exclusive Hire (Closed to the public) – Function Rooms Access

These are all located on the ground floor of the house and can be accessed via the agreed drop-off point (car only), for individuals who cannot use the pedestrian access from the car park. There are occasional steps between the rooms where levels change and also on the route to the toilets. The most significant level change being the entrance to the Banqueting Hall which is accessed via three high steps. You are welcome to bring a portable ramp to facilitate access across the suite of function rooms. Positioning and use of portable ramps is your own responsibility and at your own risk. Regrettably our staff cannot support the movement or positioning of any ramps. Hoghton Tower cannot accept liability for the use of these ramps.


If required, a portable disabled toilet can be provided by prior arrangement.  Please contact the office in advance to discuss this access in more detail.

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