Deep Clean 2021 Wood 768x600 - Annual Deep Clean

Annual Deep Clean

Posted on 23rd Jun 2021 | Mark

Whilst the cleaning and care of the house takes place day to day, and there are many unplanned maintenance surprises that occur through the course of a year at Hoghton Tower, during the closed season we specifically turn our attention to conservation of the fabric of the building and its contents. Meticulous attention to detail is imperative as we assess every room and the objects within it to agree the annual programme of work to be done. The tasks involved are delicate and require specialised care and techniques to preserve and maintain this charming Old Girl who sits proudly on top of a Lancashire hill. Considering everything from pesky woodworm and dry rot to mischievous spiders who like to set off alarms, and the careful erecting of scaffolding to clean the Banqueting Hall ceiling. No nook or cranny is left untouched when we deep clean the house.

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