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Jubilee Beacon at Hoghton Tower

Hoghton Tower will uphold a long tradition of celebrating Royal milestones with the lighting of a beacon on the...

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Hoghton Tower looking for volunteers for the 2022 Open Season

Have you got a passion for history, particularly Lancashire history? Would you like to learn more about the fascinating...

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Haunted House-On-The-Hill Offers Halloween Ghost Tours

One of Britain’s most haunted houses is creaking open its doors to lift the lid on the ghostly goings-on...

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Memorable Fairy-tale Setting For An Unforgettable Wedding Day

With its rich history, oak-panelled halls, courtyards, archways, magical gardens and amazing views, Hoghton Tower provides the ideal location...

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Discover the Proper Taste of Lancashire in Stunning Surroundings of Elizabethan Hoghton Tower

Celebrate afternoon tea week and enjoy a deliciously decadent Lancashire Afternoon Tea in the spectacular setting of Hoghton Tower....

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Family Days Out at Hoghton Tower

Keep all the family royally entertained with a magical day out at Hoghton Tower. Steeped in history and commanding...

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Shakespeare and Hoghton Tower

There has long been an oral tradition in the de Hoghton family that the world-renowned playwright William Shakespeare worked...

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A Look Ahead

The next focus will be the restoration of some of our ornate hoppers and downpipes, the continued works of...

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2021 Windows Project

There are 4000 individual panes of glass in the Banqueting Hall alone and thousands more around the building. Over...

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Annual Deep Clean

Whilst the cleaning and care of the house takes place day to day, and there are many unplanned maintenance...

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Raise the Roof Project

The Raise the Roof Project (2014-2015) addressed the urgent need to restore the roof surrounding the Inner Courtyard and...

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Maintenance, Preservation, Restoration, and Conservation

Preservation is more than just the large capital projects. It is the ongoing maintenance, care, specialised cleaning and attention...

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The Hoghton Tower Preservation Trust is the charity that takes care of the public parts of Hoghton Tower, the gardens and all the history. It is responsible for the upkeep of this beautiful building which costs over £200K a year to run and maintain, as well as planning for its future. We are always grateful for whatever help visitors can give, whether that be by making a donation or joining our team of volunteers and guides (Charity Number 508357)

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