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School Visits

School Visits

A school visit to Hoghton Tower allows you to get up close and personal with almost 1000 years of history and experience stories from the Tower’s past come to life with our talented team of tour guides. Walk in the footsteps of some of the most famous figures from English History, and discover fun facts about this truly fascinating building, covering a range of curriculum topics from KS1, 2 and 3 during school visits.

Venture into the underground passages and journey deep down to the dungeons, explore life beyond living memory and discover a world in miniature with our incredible historic dolls’ house collection. Learn how the local area has been significantly influenced and shaped by the people that have lived and worked at Hoghton Tower, starting from 1565 when the house was rebuilt.

With our expert guides at the helm of every visit, each tour can be tailored to your specifications and pitched to the specific age group and key stage. They  not only reveal secrets of Hoghton Tower’s history, but are also able to answer questions any curious pupils might have.

Our tours contain an interesting and informative look at the long history of Hoghton Tower, but leaving out the boring bits. We encourage interaction with role-play as your class are invited to recreate iconic moments in our history such as King James I knighting the loin of Beef.

We aim to make organising your school visit as stress free as possible and will try our best to adapt to make the perfect visit for your class. If you are studying a particular topic, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Visits usually last from 10am to 2pm, including a break for lunch – there is space on site to store packed lunches and rooms to eat lunch inside when the weather is inclement.

The price is £7 per child (including VAT) with accompanying adults free of charge. Minimum charge £140.



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