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Hoghton Tower’s history lives, breathes, runs around, scares you and shouts a bit. This ancient building is bursting with over a thousand years of fascinating stories and intriguing tales

Education’s made engaging by our talented team of knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides, ensuring a school trip to Hoghton Tower is one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

If you can’t visit Hoghton Tower at the moment but would like us to bring some local history to your assembly or classroom as part of our outreach programme and free teaching resources.

One of the core principles of the Preservation Trust is that Hoghton Tower plays an active role in the education of the local Lancashire area and beyond. Hoghton Tower and our team of staff, volunteers, and trustees are dedicated to achieving and maintaining this principle.


School Visits

Take your class on a journey of 1000 years that they’ll remember forever! Experience history come to life with our talented tour guides.

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Teaching Resources

Bring Hoghton Tower to the classroom with our range of exciting downloadable teaching resources and outreach programme

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