BH Pointing External d 1200x600 - 2021 Windows Project

2021 Windows Project

Posted on 23rd Jun 2021 | Mark

There are 4000 individual panes of glass in the Banqueting Hall alone and thousands more around the building. Over the years, these have been subjected to the elements up here on top of the hill! Consequently, some of the casements and stonework surrounding the frames were failing as well as there being a number of fractured panes. During our lockdown closure, Culture Recovery Funding, awarded through Historic England, has enabled us to appoint ICON accredited Barley Studios from York to work on the most urgent of the repairs including:

  • Ensuring opening frames are operable to give essential ventilation throughout the house.
  • Replacing fractured panes.
  • Mortar replacement where stonework and mortar had failed.

The work is due to be completed in early September when, restrictions permitting, our visitors and students from Preston’s College will be able to see some of the work in action.

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